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Friday, November 17 2017
Obedience In Times Of Transition

In times of transition one thing becomes very important.  We remain obedient to the voice of God and hear his instruction on advancing forth.  I love the story of Joshua and the lessons we learn from that book of the bible.  Joshua was leading the people of Israel through a transition from coming out of the wilderness and stepping into the promised land.  We know the story he was very obedient to listen to the Lord for instructions and then obeying those instructions.  When Joshua brought the children of Isreal across the Jordan River they camped at a place called "Gilgal".  Gilgal represents a rolling away of the reproach of Egypt.  In order to advance into victory they needed to be healed from their bondage.  You can come out of something but that experience can still be IN you, and as a result cause you to be defeated in the face of your enemy.  Joshua was instructed to consecrate the children of Israel and they were to stay in Gilgal until they had completely been healed.  

You can't advance into the promises of God until you allow God to cut away those areas that have been infected.  Family issues, sin, reproach...those issues of life need to be completely healed by the blood of Jesus so you can boldly advance into the promise of God.  What keeps you defeated? What has a hold on you? Those foxes in our lives that everytime you begin to advance abort the process.  

Under the leadership of Joshua the children of Isreal allowed the consecration process and Joshua received specific instructions on advancing.  He was told that Jericho was given into their hands and all they needed to do was march around it seven times and then to shout and the wall will come down.  Then they were specifically told that the silver and gold belonged in the house of God and they were to take no spoils from Jericho.  They gained a great victory and advanced from Jericho to Ai.  However one man did not listen to the instruction of Joshua and took something from Jericho.  As a result of that sin the children of Israel suffered a great defeat in Aichen.  When we live in community and what we do affects the outcome to all involved.  Your sin is not just contained to affects your family, your church, your employer.  We are in community and together we are advancing in a common vision.  Sin is like a cancer.  If not dealt with in the confines of family or community it will give the enemy a foothold and that cancer will spread infecting and ultimately stopping the advancement.